Famous Last Words

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Famous Last Words

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?”
[O Lord, why have you forsaken me?] ~ Matthew 27:46

… and Jesus cried out in a loud voice… ~ Mark 15:37

“Father, into your hands I commit My spirit.” ~ Luke 23:46

“It is finished.” ~ John 19:30

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Todd Beamer
(1968- 2001)
The final words of Todd Beamer Let’s roll.
George Best
The final words of George Best Don’t die like I did.
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Humphrey Bogart
The final words of Humphrey Bogart Goodbye Kid. Hurry back.
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(circa 563 BC – circa 483 BC) – Siddhattha Gautama
The final words of the Buddha Work hard to gain your own salvation.
Donald Campbell
The final words of Donald Campbell Hallo, the bow is up… I’m going… I’m on my back… I’ve gone. Oh.
King Charles…

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