Tara named after Stanford University varsity women’s basketball coach and Hall of Famer (graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington, in Spring 1975)……..

Tara VanDerveer


Hello? Did I Get A Wrong Number? How Things Can Get Better

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Recognition of warning signs and countermeasures (here with a sense of humor) are very helpful.


  • Is there a lot of nervousness? (Is this a new or old issue? Does it really bother you? What is the benefit of worrying? What seems to have worked to reduce anxiety and nerves in the past?)

  • Very anxious? (Is it just too much coffee, a simpler cause, or an indicator to seek professional advice?)

  • Is there an inability to experience pleasure? (It might be time to recover this capability.)

  • Feeling about ready to give-up? (Do you want a kick in the ass now? Phone a mental health hotline?)

  • Are you missing contentment with life satisfaction? (Feeling sorry for yourself is not the best answer. Explore new options.)

  • Too tired to persevere much longer? (You might try to sleep it off. Often the outlook is better after adequate rest.)

  • Not healthy enough to take personal…

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