Great Potential for a Full-Length Film on the Big Screen about the Big Ten

“Fast Forward To the Past”


Humorous movie about current day Indiana University students, local residents, and the town of Blooomington, based on historical events.     


 Synopsis of Action-Comedy-Musical Plot (PG-13):


~ Humorous, silly, ridiculous, odd, fun, surprising, and entertaining stories about a Southern Indiana town where people from the world-wide over visit and go to university.


~ Four young college students (played by the likes of Scarlett Johannsen, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, and Juan Carlos) make best friends with a small group of “townies”, aka “cutters”, who either cannot afford tuition, would rather work, or just hate the idea of spending another four years studying after high school.


~ A special DVD player is the “time machine” that takes college students and “townies” back in time (not in this particular order) to significant times in I.U. and Monroe: County history:


1824 – Indiana Theological Seminary

established near the present day Second and South Walnut Streets

Setting: Site of the original IndianaUniversity; Dr. Wylie house; examples of segregation in town; funnier times during the Industrial Revolution out at the Hoosier Hysteria Ranch of pre-teens south of campus.


1855 – Lightning strikes the original university buildings

prior to it burning down; Fact or Fiction?


1865 – Celebration upon the conclusion of the Civil War [April 6, 1865]

Scene: Farmers’ Market by the Monon B-Line


1876 – Well-known essayist James A. Woodburn participates in campus debating clubs. Regular meetings discuss the future issues of 19th century America and the world.



1894 – Kirkwood Hall built out of Indiana limestone on the present day location of the university campus.  Setting: Dunn Woods (with talking trees)



1907 – CountyCourthouse of limestone erected with a clock on the town square. During construction, the clock made in Kentuckiana is mistakenly gets blown to pieces by illiterate quarry work crew who were given the wrong address but were following the boss’ orders. Christmas scenes outside of first Christian and first PresbyterianChurches between Lincoln and Washington Streets; New cars get stuck in mud, ice and snow,


1912 – Teddy Roosevelt comes to town during his presidential campaign as the national leader of the Bull Moose Party!


1926 – Famed musician Hoagy Carmichael goes to law school;

The “Roaring Twenties”

Scenes: Music in front of Nick’s under construction on Kirkwood Avenue; outside people’s homes and at IU Pres Bryan’s; more music in concert halls, etc.; Speakeasy.


1939 – Gala “Gone with the Wind” showing at the IU Auditorium;

Scene: Showalter Fountain


1940 – The last year of peace before the US enters WWII;

I.U. wins first national championship;

Close relationships formed that might be broken, etc.


1953 – I.U. wins another national men’s basketball championship

As the country prospers.

Scenes: Wildermuth Fieldhouse, Starlite Drive-In; Sock-Hop; Lab discussions about DNA; At the Kinsey Institution; Café Pizzeria


1967 – A time of cultural change – The football team goes to the Rose Bowl.

Scenes: IMU and Jordan and Dunn Meadows, Memorial Stadium tailgating parties I.U.-Purdue contest; Variety show on campus


1976 – A great age for rock and roll. I.U. wins 32 and never loses.

Scenes: Assembly Hall, IU Auditorium, 3rd Street, Bear’s Place, Kirkwood Avenue, Walnut Street’s Uptown Café and The Bluebird


1979 – The annual Little 500 is immortalized on film with

“Breaking Away.” Scenes: tbd


1981, 1984, 1987, or 1989  –

Scene behind Swain Hall and Memorial Hall.


1999 – Information Technology’s Y2K Anxiety

Scenes: tbd


2020 – Future scene at Wright Quad beach volleyball strip match

between the housekeeping and dietary staff and the Campus policemen (climax); Foggy morning at OakHillCemetery where so many tombstones indicate hundreds of deaths during 2012 epidemic.


2013 – Return to the present (anticlimax)





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