Visit to Hooterville in Heltonvilla

Sunday, Ferg picked me up to go through a move that we had been planning during the four months Teddy and I spent on the Hooterville Horse Ranch. It was a surreal experience.

Tiki Teddy Iz Lazarus Rumpkin was not there physically (11/6/07 – 7/1/12) but his kindred spirit was with Nellybelle and me. It was like something was missing during our hour mid-morning visit.

Teddy & I really enjoyed our life on the ranch from March 3rd to June 29. Teddy adjusted well and quickly. Nellybelle was a real sport sharing her guarddog activities with the much smaller French bulldog stud.

What I realized is that I must go on without my four-legged service-assistance dog. It has been a rough time. I think I have cryed 12 of the 22 days since he has passed. My comfort came with seeing Nelly for the first time since Teddy’s passing onto “dog heaven.”



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There Is Enough Blame To Go Around – Untimely Death

Friday the July 13th, 2012

Dear Editor of the Indiana (University) Daily Student:

There comes a time when enough is enough; or injustice just lasts way too long  Middle America. This is embarrassing ironic concerning two Christ-based entities in Bloomington, an area with a world-class university, offering studies in its Schools of Psychology, Law, Medicine, and Public Health.

There was a talented blue-ribbon service-assistance dog that has been held with predgidece. French bulldog, Tiki Teddy Iz Lazarus Rumpkin and his disabled master were denied emergency housing and service at one Grant Street coffee house (SOMA) during the week of June 24-July 1 and shelter at two of the three homeless shelters in B-ton (Genesis Community Church along the SR 45/46 Bypass and Backstreet Ministries on Westplex Court).

Not ironic or funny, but tragic and deadly.

French Bulldog Teddy

This was also one of the hottest and humid consecutive days in local history!  In fact, B-ton went through 16 consecutive days already this summer with temperatures exceeded 90 degrees F.

Shall we pray?!?

Frenchy Teddy, a trained and licensed (California) pedigree service-assistance dog may be a victim of “racial profiling.” These public organizations should be held responsible and prosecuted for American with Disabilities (ADA) and civil rights transgressions.

RIP for any good reason? After suffering with brain damage for 90 minutes, Teddy passed away in a “Certified new Used Impala,” with a defective air-conditioning system, recently purchased in late June from the Chevy dealer located in Martinsville,Indiana.

His body is interred in Southern Hamilton County north of Indianapolis.

Amen. Oh, Lord have mercy!

Comic Act of “Teddy and Buck” on New Years Day 2010


“Teddy” 2007-2012

Tiki Teddy Iz Rumpkin ,  41


Teddy passed away at 10:02 EDT (7:02 p.m. PDT) on Sunday, July 1, in Bloomington, Indiana, outside of the First Presbyterian Church underneath an ornamental pear tree. Rumpkin was born in Sebastopol, California, in November 2007, by dame Heaven Sent who was sired by CH Q.T. Arbuckle. Teddy and many championship French bulldogs were bred by Fulla Bulla French Bulldogs.

The Monroe County area has been subject to a month draught and recent consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. Teddy passed in his owner’s arms, David A. Dailey, of heat stroke, inside their new air- conditioned Chevy Impala.

He leaves behind one godfather, Ron Orozco of Daly City, California, and six godmothers throughout the United States. Teddy was a brindle Frenchy and recent blue-ribbon winner at the 2012 Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show, finishing second as best of the French bulldog breed.


photo by Sunshine Portraits

In addition to being a winning show dog, Teddy was a therapy dog, trained and licensed service-assistance dog, cover (book: Lessons Learned from Dogs) boy, and a real “chick magnet” who loved other dogs and chasing balls, no matter how large.

Interment will be at 1:00 on July 5 in the Forever Friends Garden at the Oak Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Hamilton County near Indianapolis, “The Circle City”.

Memorials can be sent to Teddy’s Facebook page at: Tiki Teddy Iz Rumpkin.

Donations may be made to Canine Companions of Santa Rosa, California.