Observing the U.S. Golf Open Championship with Stanley and Valerie Anne

    You got to be here.

    The third round of the national championship being held this year at the Olympic Club in San Francisco is going as I predicted… just that Jim was offering 3 to 1 odds to win yesterday and Jason Dufner was going at 30 to 1.

     Betting on Tiger Woods after the 36-hole cut, at 5 to 2, would not have been a good wager.

     My wager for Jim Furyk turns out to be a fruitful one. He has just another 24 holes to keep his lead… my fifty dollar wager was stupid… I should have bet $500 that would have paid off another $1,500.00 Sunday night… that would buy a lot of golf shoes!

     Good luck Tiger. Although I really am cheering for the older professionals, one in particular who has won The Open only once. Go Jim!

     My regret is that Val did not take my suggestion last night to place a sports bet.


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