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Prognostications for College Football Bowl Season 2011-12


    The NCAA Bowls will last well into January 2012 with the LSU-Alabama game being held three weeks away in the ‘Nawlin’s Super Bowl on Monday, January 9th.


          Very few of the matchups look intriguing to Mic, Ike, Teddy, or I. The Crimson Tide and Bengal Tigers’ is just a re-run catering to the Southeast Conference and NASCAR fans who care to spend hours and hours in front of their TVs. The best games will not be held on New Year’s Day but on Monday, January 2, 2012.


          My extended family will limit our viewing to ten games; lest we might get stupid watching all those silly commercials. That means that we will be unable to tune into the Cotton, Compass, GoDaddyDotCom, and BCS bowls. The first really good matchup is this Saturday in Boise. Take the Ohio Bobcats, and three-and-a-half points and look for a high-scoring offensive showdown with Utah State in “the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.”


          The next great game will not come until the “Holiday Bowl” in San Diego on December 28th. Texas Longhorns versus California Berserkley Bears will be a hotly contested contest. Bet on the second half after seeing how the first half goes.


          After New Year’s Day will be the best 24 hours of the 2011-12 college football bowl season. Look for good matchups in the “Ticket City Bowl” in Dallas, “Outback Burger Bowl” in Tampa, “Capitol One Bowl” in Orlando, “Gator Bowl” played in Jacksonville not Gainesville, “The FTS/FHS/FedEx/Kinko’s Rose Bowl” in Pasadena, and the “Tostitos, Fritoes, Lay’s Barbeque Potato Chips Fiesta Bowl” in the Phoenix Area.


          We are selecting as the early favorites:


  • Houston Cougars


  • Georgia Bulldogs


  • Nebraska Corndogs


  • Florida Alligators


  • Wisconsin Badger dogs


  • Stanford Cardinal dogs

#1 Kentucky’s Undefeated Season to End; Ohio State (#2) Loses to Kansas Today, Too

Take the home(under) dog

Prediction: Indiana 43, Wildcats 34 after the first half


A Great Day For Hunting Wildcats

     Life in the Hoosier National Forest includes an extended hunting season. It is already December 10th, thus the sporting bow-and-arrow hunt period has passed.

warm environs back home in Indiana

     We can now get out our firearms and blast wildcats and stupid Kentuckian tresspassers off our property.

     So far this week we have bagged an opposum just driving the pick-up south on Indiana State Highway 446. No one we know around here picks them off the road, cooks and eats them. Although our neighbor Valerie reported this morning that she saw a couple in a late-model Ford with Kentuckylicenseplates stop and pick something up off the highway.

     Apparently, Kentuckians have a liking for road-kill.


Too Cold Down South To Type (Dawn at 7:30 EST in Hooterville, Southern Indiana)

dateline: Thursday, December 8th; Windchill Close to 0-degrees;

Feet and Toes and Fingers Frosted Like the Blades of Indiana Bluegrass


Too cold to web-blog this morning.

Please tune in Friday.


Partly Cloudy with No Chance of Raining Wildcats

Wednesday Before the Big Basketball Game

Assembly Hall Bloomington: Indiana Hoosiers vs. #1 Kentucky Wildcats

     The mood on the campus is part study for finals, part make digs for Christmas, part gear up for hosting an archrival.


Teddy Roosevelt Speech in Kansas Today by President Obama

   Kudos, Mr. President !!    This may have been your best speech since your first inaugeral address or state of the union message.


Back Home In Indiana (part II in a series)

Live from “Hooterville” 47436

Dark Tuesday 2000 hours

     Teddy, Ferg, Nelliebelle, I and the family cat are quiet now after a busy day in town and out on the ranch. We are situated in the middle of the Hoosier National Forest. Ferg has owned this land since the 1970s and it is priceless now.

    As we get older, we may not remember everything, but the best of times were spent in college and post-graduate study days.

   As an undergraduate, I majored in psychopharmacology. Within Indiana University’s School of Psychology was my curriculum in Physiological Psychology.

    It took me over six years to leave the Bloomington area. I did not waste any time working my way through grad school, too.

   I was able to study business, cognitive psychology, co-eds, kinetics, health education and research, management – occupational safety management, sports and recreation. My MS from from the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.

   Well, it is time to get into our flannel jammies and get up before dawn to feed the horses before headed onto the campus.

   We’re planning to host Sally and PJ to a Wednesday night dinner party. Vegetarian Stir-Fry with apple pie and Pacific fruit salad is on the menu.



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